Lesco Products Ltd have successfully supplied the Public Area Industry with conventional waste receptacles for the past 36 years.

It was therefore a natural development to interpret the feed back from our customers & interest in bomb proof bins, to provide some protection from explosive devices placed in those bins.

Over the past four years we have developed SECURE and AFFORDABLE containers to provide high levels of protection.

Every owner of a Public Space has a duty of care to protect the public against the threat of terrorist attack or at least minimise the effects of such an attack.  Lesco bins offer protection based on the principle of single, double or triple technology, tested to withstand the effect of various weights of explosive.

Important Information

Lesco Products Ltd are pleased to feature our standard blast resistant litterbins that have been successfully tested by one independent accredited test authority with regard to fragmentation and penetration.

Testing was carried out by Cranfield University Ordenance and Explosive test centre (COTEC) on Salisbury Plain, England. The tests were conducted to the U.K. Police Scientific Development Board (P.S.D.B.) standard. These standards rigidly control the method and measurements. Each test is carried out with the charge suspended within the container at a designated height and surrounded by a steel can, and an aluminium can and ball bearings. Surrounding the test body is a wall of witness boards to measure any penetration.

Any metal blast container runs the risk once it fractures of causing fragmentation.

This is why all Lesco Blast Protection Bins are made of composite material.
By virtue of unique construction they never add to fragmentation.

Top trims are designed to fly upwards with the blast and fall back to ground level at low velocity. A flame retardant agent is added to the resin so there is no risk of fire.


Due to the sensitive nature of the use of Security Equipment it is not possible to disclose specific locations.  It is imperative such information is not available to the bomber.

As our bins are normal in appearance this provides great advantage.

Locations completed,

Product features:

Many levels of protection available.

a) Single wall 6mm, plus blast cushion.
b) Single wall 10mm, plus blast cushion.
c) Single wall 15mm, plus blast cushion.
d) Double wall plus blast cushion.
e) Double wall with infill (Triple medium).

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